Religion As The Opiate Of The Masses

Opium smokers, China, c.1880. Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.Last month, the United Nations General Assembly held a Special Session to review its current drug control system. But few people realise.

South Africa’s history of State-sponsored segregation has taught cannabis activists there to avoid the pitfalls of botanical segregation and embrace the eons-old history of use by indigenous people.

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Was the Zoroastrian religion a cannabis revelation? The Magi appear to have been acquainted with the narcotic properties of.

One of his most quoted, but least understood sentences concluded that religion is "the opium of the people". Look at your teenager this evening, glued to social media. Better still, look at yourself,

“Religion is the opiate of the masses,” Karl Marx wrote. This quote has been used out of context many times. It is also important to note that Marx did not give a detailed blueprint for the operation.

Religion can open big and small wallets, unite a divided home, crash an entire country, and make people swing on the extremes. It is indeed the opiate of the masses. When the story of how former TV.

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wishing they could put down that sticky opium of the people and be as enlightened as I was. My return to religion happened in.

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As Marx might say, constitutional politics has replaced religion as the opium of the people. Right on cue, Sinn Féin said this week that Stormont is a stepping-stone to a united Ireland. Of course, it.

Questions are raised over how BCCI has failed us when it mattered by not obtaining prior permission from ICC to sport the insignia. We Are Like This Only. Cricket is religion. It is more than the.

“We are all broken souls,” Maity says, “Broken in different ways. Marx said religion is the opium of the masses. For us, it’s music” “But do you still think Marxism will deliver us all?” “Of course I.

He even likens religion to pharmaceutical pain management remedies. This echoes Marx calling religion the opiate of the masses. In effect Asma is saying religion is a placebo! Placebo treatments work.

The origin of contemporary socialism’s complicated relationship with religion is easily traceable to Marx, who (in the frequently paraphrased quote) dubbed it “the opium of the masses.” While Engels.

The young Marx who had coined “the opium of the people” had also written of the “abolition of religion” as a precondition of.

"Opium for the people", was how Marx described the role of religion in 19th Century England, a foil to distract miserable.

When pundits refer to religion as the opium of the masses, they suffer from a severe lack of profundity. To refer to religion in such sweet terms is to remain shallow and inadequate students of.

"(Karl) Marx said that religion was the opiate of the masses, and sometimes I think that the (Chinese) government is a little cynical and thinks, ‘Yeah maybe it is the opiate of the masses, but for us.

Does opium cause people to have hallucinations. “For Tommy I think what it did was he lost all faith, religion was just a joke, authority was a joke, the establishment was a joke.” Peaky Blinders.